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The key to the whole operation - who you know!

Root Provider has worked hard to source a range of different providers, who all have their own unique strengths.

We are proud to announce we work with:

Rackspace Badge Logo

TSO Host Logo


Digital Ocean Logo


Although we do have more connections than the above, certain partners do not provide logos for use, hence some omissions.

We can work with Azure, AWS and other Mass Cloud Providers, however at the moment, only through their service partners, such as Rackspace and IOMart.

If you have an established relationship or a preferred supplier, please let us know so we can continue to build bridges.

Equally, if you wish to become a Root Provider partner, please contact us!

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Our Partners

Root Provider has spent considerable time researching and building it's partner base.

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The easiest way to explore what we do is to talk to us!