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Bare Metal in the Clouds

Hi Guys,

           After some requests to look at a middle ground between mass cloud providers and "local" VMs, talks with Softlayer opened up and have revealed a number of USPs.

Quick disclaimer here - for my UK clients, SF does not have UK telephone support, as this is based in the Netherlands. Plans are afoot to expand over here, however, bear this in mind.

Possessing both an expansive and tightly integrated control panel was happy to see they treat the launching of bare metal/physical servers in the same fashion as virtual - sometimes you just need the straight value of raw metal!

If you wish to discuss any of their products or need further information on Softlayer, please get in touch.

As usual, please feel free to repost this, however, please give credit and link back to the source article.

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Stephen is the owner/operator of Root Provider and has over 8 years experience in the Hosting Industry. He also runs the sister blog site

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