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After spending over 10 years in the technology industry and 8 years specialising in the hosting field, I set-up Root Provider in 2016, to be an independent guide in the vastness of the IT industry.  

Having worked on everything from small virtual hosts, all the way up to pan-European deployments, I know the best ways to tackle all sizes of projects.

Stephen Mitchell - Managing Director of Root Provider Ltd.

With experience as an Enterprise Account Manager for the largest independently owned ISP in the country, I understand the pressures faced from both the supplier and customer alike.

Ultimately I wish to banish the fairly closed nature of the hosting market and help all business to find the Best Value Route™ to hosting.

Uniquely, I also wanted to bring you all these services, for free. I have dealt with plenty of consultancies that are in a win/win position from the get go, as they get paid even if the project does not succeed!

Please see the Services page on how our process works.

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Root Provider has spent considerable time researching and building it's partner base.

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